Walking with your dog is wonderful and healthy.              


You hear, see and smell everything around you,                 


Together you enjoy nature and see the game trails. 



Trailing and searching is for your dog a natural behavior, every dog can trail. The sense of smell of a dog is 50 times more sensitive to smells compared to a humans nose.


Dogs can be used in different areas like, detection, trailing and rescuing. In the brain of the dog is a center that can be used to save smells.


The dog even has an extra sense. That extra sense is called the organ of Jacobson and you will find it just behind the incisors.

To taste the smell the dog touches it with the tip of his tongue and brings his tongue behind his teeth. In a damp area every dog can smell better.


When you are playing with your dog you can start with searching games, this will stimulate the smell organ. When Natsumi smells a trail and is going to run her primal instinct kicks in and she is not noticing me anymore and also her surroundings and other traffic.


It is good to take that into consideration!



Shikoku 四国犬