The Shikoku Breed  (四国犬)

 Shikoku 四国犬
Natsumi & Kinchairo

The  Internationale kennelclub Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) divide the dog breeds in ten groups.

The Shikoku is group number 5, which is called Spitz and primitive types, section 5 Asian Spitz and related breeds. Without working trial. 


There is also another name for the dog breed Shikoku namely Japanese Wolfhound, Kochiken or Mikawa Inu which is originally  from the Japanese island Shikoku. The Shikoku was hardly known outside his country but begins gain popularity. 


The Shikoku has a strong hunter instinct and is specialized in hunting deer, boars and bears.

Also the Shikoku can behave distantly and reserved towards strangers.


When raising this dog do it gently because of its sensitive nature, you must be consistent and socialize the dog well. This applies not only in puppyhood but preferably up to 3 years of age.



Characteristics Shikoku

  • Medium size dog with good bone structure and well developed muscles
  • Has a fantastic endurance
  • Has a fine under and hard upper outer coat
  • Is independent, quiet and alert
  • Is very intelligent with a natural instinct 
  • Well trainable with positive rewards
  • Will to please 
  • Can cooperate very well if you respect each other!


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